Friday, March 06, 2009

Too Far

Some people need to switch to decaf. There's no way Obama is purposely "nuking" the already flailing economy.

No, no, no.

He's just that stupid.

(h/t Hyacinth Girl)


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe:

Do you think Obama is doing something dramatically different than what he described during his campaign from an economic standpoint? If not - then however much a segment of the population may object to the policies - is the objection to the policymaker or to the folks who elected him? It doesn't seem to me as though any "socialism" Obama has displayed is outside of the scope of what he described pre-November - but I don't track this stuff as closely as you do and would be interested in your thoughts.
- Matt

Anonymous said...

Also - would love to see a post sometime describing/characeterizing what you would view as the Conservative Utopia, and particularly how that would be funded, and what it would look like - with particular attention to healthcare (if there is any role for gov't), welfare/safetynet/entitlement, education, military.

Sockless Joe said...

Some of the "Obama-cans" are now claiming they were duped. I say bullshit, all the signs pointed to severe left and virtually none of them pointed to centrism.

The question is not whether I oppose the policymaker or the folks who elected him. I oppose the policies.

There is no such thing as a conservative utopia. Conservatives don't believe in utopia, and any attempt to construct one is necessarily authoritarian and should be opposed.

More concretely, there are some studies suggesting that gov't should be about 20% of GDP, which is something on the order of half of what we have.

I think Ron Paul is a raving lunatic, but I agree that slimming down government starts with the departments. The department of education should not exist. The department of Agriculture should probably not exist (except perhaps insofar as it functions as an inspection and safety regime... maybe put it with the FDA in HHS). HUD should not exist. Labor should be divvied up between Justice, Commerce and maybe HHS. You can slice this pie a number of ways... but there are too many cabinet level departments.