Thursday, March 05, 2009

They Know Not What They Do

The DNC thinks it's being cute by escalating this fight with Rush Limbaugh, but the longer this goes on the greater the possibility that Rush will crush them.

Amongst the shtick of his CPAC address (which was pretty typical Rush), there's a real and salient criticism of the freedom-destroying ideology of the Obama administration. The O-bots risk an actual confrontation of ideas if they take this too far, and Obama's personal approval rating has nowhere to go but down.

The DNC would be wise to stop while they're ahead, which right now they are.

So, by all means, please attack Rush. Make it personal. Elevate his status so that he has an even bigger stage from which to mock and evicerate your policies.

UPDATE 3/6/09 -- Limbaugh's audience nearly doubles. Gibbs says attacking Rush may end up being "counterproductive".


Anonymous said...

No offense joe - and I'm saying this as a doctor, not a Democrat - Rush is a freaking jag...

Sockless Joe said...

I didn't know they gave seminars on radio talk show hosts in med school. Next thing you know Samay will be giving me professional legal advice on the efficacy of certain prescription medications.

Go ahead and think Rush is a jag. A lot of people do. Sometimes I do. But a lot of what he says is right, including most of his CPAC address, and the more exposure he gets the more somebody might be accidentally exposed to his ideas rather than just his corpulent mug.

I think the Dem's have gotten pretty close to maximum mileage out of the Rush story. And it's worked! But it's also played out.