Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you for smoking

An ode to "the smoky veil of the American dream and feel the mighty fume coming out of the American land, a Native genie rising from the bottled mysterious desert of endless imagination."

My family knows all too well the death embedded in the evil weed. Still, I break out a cigar once or twice a year, and bars just aren't the same anymore without secondhand smoke.

The blog post is very well written, so just forget all that stuff about cancer for a moment and enjoy:
Burning tobacco became like burning sacred incense on the altar of freedom, the special effects of the American Spirit, a uniquely American substance which, as with everything uniquely American, can either liberate if used consciously or destroy if used in excess.
(via AlexC)


Anonymous said...

Is he trying to say he digs hairy, smoking, French chicks?

Also - I think I smoked my last cigar on the day I took the MCATs, ate a chicken finger sub from the Pit, drank Mt. Dew + Vodka, and smoked one of the cigars we got in Canada - then puked in your suite in Phase...

- Matt

JoeCollins said...

yeah, those cigars we got in Canada really kicked my butt too - moreso than most cigars I've had. But then again my cigar budget usually tops out about 5 or 6 bucks a pop, and these were clearly more than that.

Viva... er.. "Canada".

JoeCollins said...

Al Haig: "I prefer to think of it as burning their crops to the ground."