Sunday, March 01, 2009

Middle Names

Mark Hemingway on Dirk Benedict - "Lt. Starbuck, in the Age of Starbucks":
During his recent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, a wildly popular reality-TV show in the U.K., he was greeted by a snotty British punk-rock singer, who announced: “It’s Dirk [expletive redacted] Benedict.” Without missing beat, Benedict replied, “I seldom use my middle name.”


Samay said...

I wish he'd done more stuff - I think the fact that he was unreplaceable is why the new BSG producers went a completely different direction with the new Starbuck.

Though I really like the new Starbuck - I think Benedict would have too if he hadn't been fixated on the fact that the character was now female.

Sockless Joe said...

Yeah, I think he was too hard on the new BSG.

Kara Thrace was more Starbuck-like at the beginning of the series than she is now. It's been a natural progression, but the current character isn't very Starbuck-y at all.

I think Benedict has a point about the direction of the Hollywood culture more generally, more moral ambiguity etc., but it's hard to build a multi-season TV series based on just killing Cylon bad guys... the original Battlestar ran out of steam after a few episodes.