Monday, March 16, 2009

Kings Premiere

Watched the two hour premiere of NBC's Kings. I don't want to dissect it to death, but here's what bubbled to the surface...

There's some chance the writers have Bush-on-the-brain. A war run by an absolute monarch who claims divine providence? Yeah. (A war, I should add, without any mention of particular purpose or context.) The re-start of a war at the behest of the military industrial complex? The writers seem to have salvaged that last one by weaving it into a major character conflict, but my concern should be obvious.

On the upside, there's somewhat of a Battlestar Galactica-esque mythos developing, and the tenor of the show seems like a cross between Shakespeare, a soap-opera, and a Bible story. I don't care if it's a political show -- in fact I welcome that -- but if it turns into a ham-fisted political commentary I'm bailing.

All in all, the premiere did its job. It established the major characters and the conflicts that will propel the show through the first season and potentially beyond. We started the premiere with one king -- we end it with a king, two would-be kings, and a glimmer of a third would-be king should the series play out.

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