Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dropped ball in 5 districts

The CQ Trivia question for March 11: "How many districts favored McCain but elected House Democrats with no formal opposition?"

Five. All in southern(ish) states - Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Somebody dropped the ball big time.


Samay said...

I would blame the DC party workers who thought Palin would get southern votes because she hunted moose, which many people in the South clearly empathize with. Tone-deafness about the voters is a serious problem in both parties, but the democrats accept it more

Sockless Joe said...

There's lots of blame to go around. State and county parties should recruit candidates, NRCC should also do serious recruiting in targeted districts, and RNC should have made sure there were at least some people on the ticket in a presidential year, particularly in Virginia, which was the only state on that list McCain ended up losing.