Saturday, March 14, 2009


A little geekery indulgence here...

One of the various recent updates to VirtualBox seems to have borked up my previous Debian installation... Stable 5.0 (lenny) is about a month old, so I went to download that and noticed there's a lightweight version of Lenny with the lxde desktop for old computers and netbooks. Cool - perfect for running in a virtualization-stunted environment.

It is pretty lightweight. I had to fight with the X config file a little, and some standard issue software is not installed by default. No apparent gui package managers... all aptitude and the like, which I'm fine with, but some might not be. Midnight commander ("mc") not installed. Vim is installed, but emacs and joe are not. No IM clients, no PDF viewers. Some of that stuff is probably on the install disc (which in my case is just a disc image), but isn't installed by default. Pretty much just OpenOffice, Iceweasel, GIMP, and a few basic other tools. And the archive program (Xarchive) isn't installed properly... one needs to go into aptitude and install "unzip" in order to unzip anything.

Debian has been working on an open java solution (openjdk-6-jre), which isn't installed by default. Seems to work with a binary, doesn't seem to integrate w/ Iceweasel.

Update 8/14/09 -- Since this page seems to get a trickle of hits now and again, here are two screenshots:

The desktop environment behaves roughly like Windows or GNOME.

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