Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Better late than never?

Over four months after it might have actually helped his Presidential bid, John McCain is suddenly interested in constructing an economic policy. Specifically, a "Contract with America" style plan.

Good Lord, man! Think you might have come up with something before we elected President SpendsALot?


Samay said...

Well, he made the John Kerry mistake and thought that he could just win on one issue, and that issue was based on his personal history, not on his plans for the presidency.

That and he listened too much to Washington insiders, which is always a bad move, but even worse for a "Maverick"

Sockless Joe said...

The McCain camp showed zero ability to adapt. He was within striking distance of Obama (and briefly ahead in a few polls) before the stock market really tanked.

I attribute most of the economic tin-ear to McCain himself. During the primaries he and Huck were constantly deriding Romney's private sector experience and his personal funding of his campaign. It's hard to suddenly defend something you don't really believe in or understand.