Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raining on Parade's EFCA shill

Not many would suggest that Parade (you know, that thing in your weekend paper) is at the cutting edge of journalism or commentary, but it is very widely read. This week's "Intelligence Report" on EFCA/Card Check is somewhere between laughable and infuriating.

Even the title, "Does America Still Need Labor Unions?", suggests a false choice about what the EFCA vote represents. Nobody, not a single bleeding soul, is saying that unions aren't necessary, and failure to pass EFCA in no way endangers unions.

They identify the shorthand "Card Check", but fail to identify what exactly why the phrase "Card check" is significant. EFCA is described as "[making] it easier for workers to join unions and would tighten penalties for employers who try to stop them."

Sounds great! Where do I sign on?!

Supporters such as Human Rights Watch and the NAACP say the bill provides important protections for the middle class. Opponents like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Restaurant Association say it increases labor costs and hurts the bottom line.
Well, that's not all business interests say it will do. Parade doesn't offer a glimmer about increased unemployment, nothing about exporting jobs, nothing about the mandatory arbitration, nothing about loss of the secret ballot to the card check mechanism, and certainly nothing about potential (okay, likely) intimidation by organizers.

Parade then goes on to explore the straw man argument about whether or not we should have unions with a Cornell "labor expert" professor, who is more than happy to oblige.

Now, nobody who takes political issues seriously would put much weight behind something in Parade, but that the issues aren't won or lost in the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal. They're won by implanting little bits of bias into the mainstream voter's subconscious.

This propaganda piece looks like a little bit of nothing, but it isn't.

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Samay said...

Well, the NY Times and Wall St. Journal seem to be the only papers that employ decent reporters. As opposed not just to Parade, but the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Boston Globe, all of which are pretty horrible.

I agree with you - these little distortions in local media are a real problem, for both the left and right.