Monday, February 09, 2009

Prime Time Spin

Obama's prime-time address is a load of crap.

There is no urgency that can't wait a week or even a month for a better bill. The spending on this bill is not that front-loaded. The "urgency" is a political urgency coming from the crumbling support for this bill.

The idea that there's a significant cadre of Republicans who just want to do nothing is a straw man argument, and an outright lie.

Just because a line item isn't "an earmark" doesn't mean it isn't pork, or isn't a pet project. There's lots of pork in this bill.

"Civility" was not on display in Williamsburg.

I think Obama is vastly overstating the breadth of support of this bill among economists.

Mocking the past excesses of the Republicans does not make their current criticisms any less valid.

There are perverse incentives in this bill with respect to funding for state and local governments.

If Obama wasn't aware of the debate about the efficacy of FDR's New Deal policies then he's not particularly well informed about the subject. Or he's lying. Take your pick.

Interesting that most of the press questions are about foreign policy. The press knows/hopes the stimulus will pass and either don't want to rock the boat or lack the knowledge to do so.

I am oddly optimistic about tomorrow's Treasury plan, which has the potential to be the real stimulus.

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