Friday, February 27, 2009

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The Other Discussion on Race

Bill Russell sighting


Samay said...

THE Bill Russell?

Wow, PA Republicans are good at picking up Hall of Fame Athletes. I guess Michael Steele's outreach plan is working.

Oh wait, it's yet another middle-aged white guy. He seems to be in better shape than the average Republican congressional candidate, so that's a start.

PS - the word verification for this post is "cylions" - Is this because you're at a conference full of republican drones?

Samay said...

oooh, just read your PAWaterCooler post about Obamaniacs being cylons - also has some truth to it, in that many of them care more about the image than the policies.

Sockless Joe said...

There certainly were some drones there, but most of their ID tags said "student".

Anonymous said...

So Joe - who is your leader? Is it Rush or Steele or other? If you could pick any one person to be the face of the Republican Party - who would it be and why?


Sockless Joe said...

There is no single leader; the position is totally up for grabs, and may not be settled for two or three years. The position of leader is probably synonymous with 2012 Presidential candidate. Some of the governors are the more prominent contenders (Sanford, Jindal, Pawlenty) but won't emerge as leaders on national issues for some time.

Steele's job is not necessarily to "lead" on an issue basis (and to the extent that he is the issue cheerleader it is supposed to be on the broadest base possible), but to re-vamp the organization.

Steele's rebuff of Rush was not warranted or wise, but neither was it as big a deal as some are suggesting.

Sockless Joe said...

Matty, others, here's an R-rated discussion of the Limbaugh/Steele dust up. I have to say I don't have a favored side in that argument and see it as somewhat of a side show (it's not really either-or), but it definitely hit an exposed nerve.