Saturday, February 21, 2009

Matter Box Challenge

( @DavidAll , #TechGOP )

David All stated his interest in adapting "matter box" direct mail packages of free stuff to a political context. Here's my contribution:

  • An individual wishing to have a box must interact online with the candidate’s message, (not merely fill in personal/demo data), and should be encouraged to share contact information of friends.

  • If the matter box contains consumable goods like candy bars, etc., the goods should have the candidate’s messages or factoids inside like a fortune cookie or Bazooka Joe wrapper, and could direct the voter back to the original website for more free stuff. (“Did you know that x% of Americans have problems with issue-ABC? Candidate Smith has a plan for issue-ABC. Find out more at [website] and sign up for our [box-o-stuff].”)

  • If the candidate is distributing more durable "commitment mechanism" goods like T-shirts, bumper stickers, bobbleheads, yard signs, etc, there should be multiple issues of each item (even if only two of each). Sales of these items on candidate websites should encourage (through direct request and through price structure) the purchase of duplicate items for sharing.

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