Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hope among the rubble - Dodd "vulnerable"

The Hill reports on a Quinnipiac poll showing Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) to be vulnerable. (Liebs is also hated, but he's not up in 2010.):

Fifty-one percent of those polled said they probably or definitely will not vote for Dodd in 2010, when he is up for re-election. Fifty-four percent said they were not satisfied with Dodd’s explanation of his receiving preferential rates on two Countrywide Financial mortgages.

51% for "anybody but Dodd" is rather harsh.

I guess being a Friend of Angelo has its downside.

I don't expect we could run an uber-conservative type, but maybe the Northeastern species of Republican isn't dead just yet.


Anonymous said...

So anyway, apparently I only create comments about the Daily Show. Stewart does a nice bit of mockery regarding Obama's press corps speech. Unfortunately, mostly about presentation and not much about content. But still, the 30 second spliced clip that made Obama sound like a guy who just woke up with a huge hangover was funny. It's around the 6 minute mark.


Samay said...

The Northern Republican could survive, if national conservatives wouldn't keep trying to kill it.
Case in point - Club for Growth trying to pick off Specter, and the primary challenge to Lincoln Chaffee.

I sometimes feel that the Coulter/Limbaugh/Malkin wing is more afraid of a resurgence of the Eisenhower/Rockefeller Republican than they are of the Democrats.

Sockless Joe said...

It's a fine line, and I'm somewhat conflicted. People go too far both ways. The establishment will defend any sniveling incumbent no matter what, and the nutjobs will attack anybody who strays in the slightest. I got called a "hack" on another website for suggesting that while Rep. Jim Gerlach wasn't Mr. Conservative, nor was he a RINO. (He has a 62 lifetime ACU rating out of 100. Specter is 44.5. I don't take the ACU as gospel, but it's a useful comparison.)

I mean, specter being one of three R's to vote for the stimulus is a pretty bold move when he's up for re-election in 2010. And he hasn't committed against efca yet.

I voted for Specter last time. But if Toomey runs again I'm on board. Though if it's just this Peg Luksik person again (or just about anybody other than Toomey) I'm voting for "Snarlen".

Chafee was a pretty egregious RINO, and I don't miss him. Actually, he was pretty much the definition of "R in name only"... if not for his father he wouldn't have been, and now that he's out of office he isn't anymore. He was so much worse than Collins, Snowe, or Specter.