Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bork on Martinis

Judge Robert Bork on the martini.

Though I started with vodka martinis, I eventually was won over to the dark side of the classic gin martini. I wouldn't sneer at a vodka martini, but I wouldn't order one either.

Bork makes a lot of sense, but I like mine not quite as dry as his (though very dry by historical standards), and with a single olive... just enough to get some of the oil and salt in the drink. A lime is also acceptable, and I suppose Bork's lemon might be workable too. And yes, on the rocks is a crime against humanity.

Not sure what Bork has against bourbon or scotch though. Too sweet? Not relative to other drinks. When smoking a cigar, a martini works better as a palate cleanser, but a good bourbon will get the job done too.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed someone named 'Bork' managed to stave off enough taunts to finally become a judge.

Also, I greatly enjoyed the Daily Show's discussion of the stimulus bill


Sockless Joe said...

Bork is a hero/political martyr of the conservative movement, definitely on the top ten list of living conservative figures.

And yes, a lot of those Senators are now conveniently against porkulus. But unfortunately Stewart didn't address the merits of their current claims. Now, as a comedian, that's not particularly his job. But nobody else is doing it either outside of conservative media, which as we know is not "real" media.

I watched some of that, but I had to turn it off during the author interview, which I found to be particularly heavy handed and objectionable.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I never watch the interviews. The show is about comedy, and the interviews feel a bit like someone's teaching a cat to dance - they're trying "political discourse" and failing miserably.

He does often make attempts to tweak the Democrats, but it's much harder to mine comedic gold from people being incorrect on a difficult-to-understand economic theory than it is to show side-by-side clips of people contradicting themselves. Unfortunately, the Republicans were in such prominence that there's ample visual evidence of their earlier positions, and now that they've circled the wagons in opposition of the majority Democrats, a lot of them have had to backtrack on certain points for the sake of preserving a united front.


Also, my captcha was 'rotionta', which sounds like some kind of delicious pasta.