Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Woz on Mac-25

Video at the Guardian.

As Woz says, the Mac was the Model-T of personal computing.

I had an Apple II-GS growing up (with a limited edition "Woz" signature print), which was sort of the bastard child of the Mac and the Apple II line. Since there was so much Apple II software out there, and because my school district used Apple II until I was in 6th grade it was a great machine for a kid to have at the time. But when Apple went Mac-only, the II-GS's similarity to the Mac was revealed to be very superficial. Sure they made a GS version of Hypercard, a special GS version of Appleworks, and they eventually made the GS/OS pretty decent for what it was, but it was never a Mac, and even the older Mac classic ended up having better forward compatibility than the GS.

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