Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama-ology the new Kremlinology

[Disclaimer - I'm not actually trying to call Obama a socialist this time, or anything else like that. This is a simple comparison to the vagueness with which he's been speaking, and the contortions of the media interpreters.]

"Kremlinology is the study and analysis of Soviet (and today, Russian) politics and policies based on efforts to understand the inner workings of an extremely opaque central government...

"During the Cold War, lack of reliable information about the country forced Western analysts to "read between the lines" and to use the tiniest tidbits, such as the removal of portraits, the rearranging of chairs, positions at the reviewing stand for parades in Red Square, and other indirect signs to try to understand what was happening in internal Soviet politics."

Economics reporters are killing themselves trying to read the tea leaves as to what Obama might have planned regarding the elimination or non-elimination of certain Bush tax cuts. Obama-ites are giving any number of non-committals to questions of taxation. Reporters think they have things figured out, but you never know for sure.

"BO appointed abc and xyz to these key economic posts, so that probably means..."

We're getting the run-around on Gitmo too. He's going to close it. Soon. Maybe. The order to figure out how to do it will go out on Day One. But it will be hard. Check back in a year or so.

And he's opposed to gay marriage. Except when he wasn't before, and later when he opposed Prop-8. However, Rick Warren is cool -- just not that cool. And we'll have some big lib preacher guy too.

Obama-ology is the new Kremlinology.

We never had this problem with Dubya to any serious extent. If you could parse his mangled sentences you knew what he meant.

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