Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tea Time

I wouldn't exactly put on my Mike Myers voice and call this Scottish Breakfast Tea "crap", but...

I'm getting the impression that American tea drinkers are wusses.

I didn't even know such a blend existed until I saw it in a clearance bin at the mall. Kensington Scottish Breakfast Tea promises a "thick full bodied tea with a slightly malty character".

And it delivers. Perhaps a bit too much. They aren't kidding when they say "thick" and "malty".

It comes in those oversized tea bags common to imports from the UK or Ireland, so I threw it in the jumbo mug I have for such occasions. I like my tea relatively strong (or at least I thought I did), and when brewing a standard US-sized bag I usually just let it seep the whole time I'm drinking it - no milk, no sugar, no honey. For this stuff you really have to pay attention to how strong you're letting your tea become.

I think I'll stick with Barry's Irish Breakfast tea (aka "green label"), which I always considered to be on the bolder end of the spectrum, though I now see the website promises an "uncomplicated tea" that is "a bit softer in taste."

Either American tea drinkers are incredible wusses or I need a bigger mug. Or both.

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