Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm fairly convinced that Obama knew about Blago's bribe demands but didn't want to play ball. (h/t Ace)

Part of me wants to beat up on Obama, Axelrod, and all the shady connections, but frankly that's the media's job. We tried to raise the character issue of before the election, but now I'm not going to get too excited about anything short of Watergate.

This has the potential to shorten the media honeymoon. Journos, lefties though they are, are ultimately fickle. They will turn on Obama in a heartbeat in order to file a juicy story.

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Anonymous said...

This bugs me - they've been abbreviating the state as 'Ill' instead of 'IL'. So now, the headline reads:

Ill. gov 'upbeat' as calls for resignation multiply.

So...he's sick?