Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heather does not have two mommies

... or at least she shouldn't on her birth certificate, as NY Gov. Paterson has made possible through executive order, and seems to be the case in states allowing gay marriage.

The justification seems to be that hetero couples using a sperm donor still have the husband's name on the birth certificate -a presumably noble lie of sorts- and that this suggests gay couples should have a similar standing.

But it isn't true, and it's not even something we can pretend is true. Heather does not have two mommies. I expect that Science Almighty will allow such a thing during my lifetime, but right now that's just not the case.

(On an adjacent issue, unknowing cuckolds are often forced by state law to support children whom they have not fathered, even after that fact has been proven. This too should be corrected.)

To me, this isn't even about gay marriage - an issue on which I am conflicted. This is about the government attempting to make something true by fiat for politically correct reasons and in opposition to the plain facts.

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Samay said...

From what I understand about family law, unless deception was involved (like cuckoldry), the official definition of parent is a person who knowingly takes on the responsibility of raising the child. Like for surrogacy, once the child is born, the surrogate mother loses all rights.

While not biologically correct, I think awarding parenthood to the caregiver instead of the DNA originator makes more sense from a policy perspective in general. What it says about society's acceptance of same-sex couples is a whole other matter, of course, and right now could be a policy issue too.