Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Typos and Guns

Really? Typos? Are you kidding me? You're going to steal an election for Al Franken?

I'm increasingly convinced that the run on guns is probably a wise choice. A Cold Civil War always has the potential to go hot.

Even Obama supporters are suspicious:
"One of the strangest things I've had happen in the past few weeks was that I've had people coming in here wearing Obama buttons and Obama T-shirts," Glen Parshall, owner of a local Fort Worth gun shop. "[They] tell me they're in here to buy them before he bans them."
Maybe I should get myself to Cabela's before January.


Anonymous said...

Technically, couldn't someone have already been trying to steal the election away from Al Franken? I mean, "whoops! I dropped a digit off at the beginning" is just as plausible as "whoops! I just found a new digit".

On the other hand, Al Franken is a mean, spiteful tool (or so I believe). I don't want him elected.

Anonymous said...


lovemissbailey said...

Those are pretty massive typos. Typos usually happen where there is a lot of text or typing. I'm surprised that numbers which are simply added up are so prone to typos, but you know, people might have just totally missed the buttons on their calculators.