Thursday, November 06, 2008


At the risk of propagating the circular firing squad environment, I think Red State is on to something.

Operation Leper.

The completely unprofessional behavior of particular McCain campaign staffers who speak anonymously to the press must not be allowed to stand. They want to cut down Sarah Palin, transferring the responsibility for their own mistakes (as well as McCain's flaws) onto Palin.


But more that whether I think it's wrong or not, it's actually irrelevant whether these future lepers have legitimate gripes. Too bad, so sad! Your job was to deal with Palin and then shut the heck up, even if she was the most difficult candidate in the history of electoral politics.

Staffers are dime-a-dozen. You will not be missed. You are expendable.


lovemissbailey said...

Where can I read some of these accusations against Palin? I'm curious what people are saying so I can identify the lepers. What are they planning to get out of their snitching? And how do we know that the MSM illuminati isn't paying these people for their "opinions"!

Sockless Joe said...

Mostly the "diva" and "going rogue" stuff. Some more at Michelle Malkin.