Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jindal in Iowa

In a move that prompted obligatory speculation about his potential Presidential candidacy in 2012, Gov. Jindal visited Iowa.

I've found a lot to like about Jindal, but I didn't know he had been a Rhodes Scholar. Awesome. No "Sarah Palin-itis" here from weak kneed self-identified elite conservatives. They'll have to find something else to dislike about him, which they surely will.

I don't want to go too nuts about this though... Obama isn't even President yet. There's plenty of time. People are really jumping the gun about Jindal, with Steve Schmidt saying, "The question is not whether he'll be president, but when he'll be president, because he will be elected someday." Similar statements were made by Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh.

I'm as optimistic about Jindal as I am about any other up-and-comer, but let's have the guy be Governor for a while, get reelected, and we'll see what happens. And Jindal's smart enough to know that he can afford to wait another election cycle should the political winds be unfavorable, so we may be looking out to 2016 or later.

But I hope not.

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