Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the tank

As if I needed anybody to tell me the media was in the tank for Obama, we have "How Obama Got Elected".

In. The. Tank.

When 57% of Obama's voters don't know what party controls congress, and they would have done better by random coin toss, I think it's safe to say that the media has failed to promote the public good with the public airwaves.

EDIT: Linked from the front page of AOL.com, and actually reinforcing the idea behind the website, this guy thinks HOGE "doesn't click", yet fails to address the polling figures.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe - what do you think of fivethirtyeights comments on the documentary described...

Sockless Joe said...

It is not even close to being a push poll. I've been push polled. That's not a push poll. Frankly I'm surprised that 538 didn't understand that given their obviously extensive knowledge on other aspects of polling.

You can question the language in some of the questions, but as the subsequent (hostile) interview with the guy who did the project explains, it was multiple choice and it is very clear what the answers were the best fit. On the issues of which party controls congress, etc., it's hard to see that as a biased question.