Thursday, November 06, 2008


Some of the NRO folks think this is cute, but I think it mostly rings very hollow.

From 52 to 48 with love.

Easy to be magnanimous in victory... but weren't we promised race wars and riots if Obama lost?

I'm sure some, even most of these folks are sincere, but I've just got to comment on a few of these...


"Anymore"? You were afraid of us? HAHAHA! But seriously though, some of Obama's policies are truly frightening.


If you're for the "Fairness Doctrine" and the "Employee Free Choice Act", you've already failed on the whole "fight for my rights" thing. (Excuse me while I go bitterly cling to a gun. "Cold, dead fingers" and all that.)

Um, yeah, what this guy said! (..seems to have slipped under the touchy-feely radar):
[Edit: It seems that the truth squads have since discovered this photo and removed it.]


I seem to remember a bunch of hippie protesters saying "Bush lied, people died", and I remember a bunch of Democratic Senators like HRC morphing from a state of certain knowledge about Iraq based on her own independent sources to saying Bush misled her. Oh, how united we were then! The nostalgia!


Indivisible? You mean like this?


Quite a few of these we-can-only-do-it-together messages. But really though, y'all are running the show now. You can most certainly do it without me. You've got the votes, why should I pretend to support your policies?


Larry said...

My response to this tends to be profane, and this seems like such a nice, family oriented blog.
But, if you are familiar with the movie "Office Space" I'm thinking that we're getting to see the "O" face.

Sockless Joe said...

Heh. I'm trying to keep the profanities to a minimum. I think I've let slip an occasional "hell" or "damn", but I'm trying to stay shy of the full throttle AOSHQ level. (Not that I don't love Ace's blog.)

Oh, and Office Space is one of the greatest comedies ever released. It's damn near a documentary.