Friday, November 14, 2008


In researching a previous post referencing Soviet era iconography, I ran across this guy's incredible collection of Soviet (and other) propaganda posters.

Do check it out.

Some of the slogans:

"The intellect, honor and conscience of our era! Lenin."

"The Constitution Day (October 7th). Family is under protection of the Government."

"Work like revolutionists!! Lenin"

"We won't let you do bad job!"

"Empathy is the main and, possibly, the only law that of human existence. F. M. Dostoyevsky"

"Build like you would for yourself!"

"Stop and punish harshly the lovers of the unearned rouble!"

"Let us start working. We are all experts at talking, but thanks, I got enough of that."

"Very many various villains wander in this country and around.
We will, of course, crush them, but to do away with all of them is extremely difficult. Vl. Mayakovski"

"Socialism means peace and building up."

"Let us strengthen the class solidarity and cooperation of all communists of all countries in the struggle for peace and socialism."

"Our era calls - forward! The five year plan calls - forward!"

"We shall go forward. Step higher with energy and unity of will. V.I. Lenin"

"It is desired that the Communist Union of Youth would teach everybody from the early years to responsible and disciplined work. V. I. Lenin"

"The most important thing to us is to preserve peace. All power to soviets! Peace to nations! Land to peasants! Factories to workers!"

"Time is on the side of peace, communism."

"Bread is the work and treasure of the whole Soviet nation."

"About Cooperation in the USSR. For us, the growth of cooperation is intertwined with the growth of socialism.....V.I. Lenin"

"We promise to the workers and to the peasants to do everything for peace - and we will do it. V. I. Lenin"

"There is nothing more superior than the term 'working man'!"

"We will do it! If we save extra 0,5% of farm production, that means 600 millions Roubles!"

"Thriftiness - is the communistic quality"

"We are the Party of the future, and the future belongs to the youth. We are the party of innovators, and the innovators are always eagerly followed by the youth. We are the party of fight, and youth will always fight first.. V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin)"

"Hurrah for the revolution of soldiers, workers and peasants! Peace! Bread! Work!"

"The Great October is the beginning of a new era of human kind. All power to Soviets! Peace to the nations!"

"Our weapon is to work efficiently and to achieve good quality."

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