Monday, November 24, 2008

Geek Holiday Preview

I spent the weekend working on a relative's computer, just as countless geeks will be doing over Thanksgiving.

Lessons learned:
  • The F-Defender live-CD is worthless. (Found zero viruses on an obviously compromised machine.)
  • The ClamAV Live-CD is better than F-Defender, but didn't get it all.
  • Dell should really ship Windows Recovery CDs by default.
  • If you're trying to fix things with a live cd then you're probably better off just going to System Restore rather than beat your head against a wall.
  • System Restore/Symantec Ghost is your friend. Ctrl-F11 on your semi-recent Dell.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe -

You might want to consider putting your "hiring?" note further up the sidebar. It's stashed under the google ads, which means that people are pre-disposed to skip everything that follows.


Sockless Joe said...

true, but on a directly linked page it is on top.

I've been meaning to update my template for a while now... a complete revamp.