Monday, November 17, 2008

EFCA concerns

My plea for Senator Specter to oppose and potentially filibuster EFCA is up at PAWaterCooler.

If Specter wants to win his primary he will oppose Card Check.


Samay said...

Specter had a pretty narrow victory without the unions last time, why would he want to lose more middle-class, socially conservative voters who are the kind of people who like to hunt and fish?
That's the problem with the Republican Party right there - they're losing the middle ground between the evangelicals and the ultra-rich.

Sockless Joe said...

Specter's primary was much closer than his general election, and he managed to win the general over the backdrop of Kerry taking PA in 2004.

Specter 50.8%
Toomey 49.2

Specter 52.6%
Hoeffel 42.0
Kerry 51.0%
Bush 48.5

Sockless Joe said...

Also, at least as of a few years ago, "right to work" had very favorable polling numbers in PA. The Republicans didn't want to pick a fight with the unions over it, so it never went anywhere, but if RTW was on the ballot it would have passed.