Monday, November 03, 2008

Do you sense a pattern developing?

Amazingly, Obama is always taken out of context.

Funny, that.

(found at Mark Levin's NRO/Corner post)


Anonymous said...

If Palin wasn't on the McCain ticket, I would likely vote for him. I'm much happier when the Legislative and Executive branches are controlled by different parties (stagnation be damned). However, I don't want even a 1% chance of Palin becoming President.


lovemissbailey said...

Entertaining list. So I think that is a great idea. Why doesn't Obama hold a giant press conference the night before the election to clear up all those misunderstandings? oh, because he would probably say something else that would then be "taken out of context." We can't risk he getting himself in more hot water with the liberal illuminati poised to pluck the presidency.