Friday, November 07, 2008

Bumper Sticker

There's a certain grace period after an election where yard signs and bumper stickers are still socially accepted. Yard signs have to come down within about a week. Bumper stickers can linger on for a while longer. As a society, we sorta pushed the upper limits on tasteful bumpersticker-ism after the 2004 election. Three years into Bush's second term there were a significant number of Kerry-Edwards stickers in circulation. Only the Democratic primary put an end to that.

I expect Obama stuff to be out there continuously through 2012, but I have no particular gripes about that since (a) he won, and (b) he's a presumptive candidate for 2012.

So I feel somewhat entitled to keep my McCain sticker for a while longer. (Also keeping a Fred oval... because really McCain shouldn't have been our candidate.)

How much longer I can tastefully keep my McCain sticker is an interesting question. At the very least I think I have through the first hundred days of Obama's administration.

I'll reassess the situation then.


Veeshir said...

How long can I keep my, "Don't blame me, I voted for Kang" bumpersticker on?

Sockless Joe said...

I think you're good to go until the end of time for that one.

Anonymous said...

How about "Robot Nixon" ?

Also, I saw a 'W-04' bumper sticker just yesterday.


Sockless Joe said...

I know one guy who still has a Dubya sticker. Occasionally I still see a stray one, but most of 'em are cleared out.