Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welfare Tax Code

The Obama camp has amended their tax plan to include a work requirement in order to counter the claim that it's "welfare". Apparently they were going to do this all along, but ... uh... didn't. (Of course they were!) Also, they're calling McCain hypocritical on the welfare issue because McCain's health plan tax credit doesn't require work.

Two things:

1 - "Welfare" isn't defined by whether somebody has a job. It's defined by the receipt of a benefit for no reason other than arbitrary government policy. That includes a lot of things - subsidized college loans, ethanol mandates and tariffs, corporate research and development grants, and the more traditional "welfare" of food stamps, etc. This whole job requirement thing is a total non sequitur.

2 - The McCain health care credit is indeed welfare by the standard definition. But the status quo is a "regressive" welfare tax credit for the middle and upper classes that is not enjoyed by the lower class. The McCain plan corrects that problem. Also, one does not get the tax credit if one does not purchase health insurance, so whether one works or not is irrelevant.

And in other news, "socialist" is a dog whistle code word for "black". Because the racists hadn't figured out that Obama is black. Marx and Engels were unavailable for comment.

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