Saturday, October 04, 2008

VP Debate - Back to the Main Event

A bit delayed, sorry, but I found something that summarizes my feelings about Biden very succinctly:

Jonah Goldberg:
What struck me the most about the debate – and it probably helped having quintessential Obamaphiles in the room – was how Biden’s “gravitas” is derived almost entirely from the fact that he can lie with absolute passion and conviction. He just plain made stuff up tonight.

They both goofed some. I think Biden's goofs were more numerous and certainly more severe(-1-, -2-), especially given his grand experience of decades in the Senate. Others have pointed out (correctly, IMO) that had Palin said some of the idiotic things Biden said she might be booted off the ticket.

Like the first Presidential debate, there were no apparent knockout punches thrown, and one's opinion of who won is in the eye of the beholder. Overall, Palin did well enough that I think we can get back to the main event, McCain -vs- Obama, and worry a little less about whether Palin is up to snuff.

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