Thursday, October 23, 2008


(Sigh.) The media is totally in the tank. (Bold mine)

Can any blogger out there answer these questions? I repeat: Has any major television network, any national news magazine, or any major daily newspaper ever mentioned Barack Obama’s membership in, or endorsement by, the New Party, and then gone on to explore and explain what the New Party was, including its ties to ACORN? Isn’t the membership of a major party nominee and currently favored candidate to become president of the United States in a third party a major news story? Is it not the height of press irresponsibility to ignore this fact?

Now some folks might be disturbed by Obama’s New Party membership and/or endorsement, and some may not. But isn’t this something the American people are entitled to know and decide on for themselves?

Well, it should be a story. At least as much a story as Palin's non-membership in the Alaska Independence Party.

Throw me a frickin' bone here.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, do not miss 'John Kerry Ruins Your Favorite Jokes' on The Daily Show.



Sockless Joe said...

"How did that guy lose?"


Anonymous said...

I was laughing so hard, I started crying. After all the Biden screwups, and Obama screwups, I was laughing... But when they got to John Kerry explaining the 'depends' joke, and followed it up with the CD gag, I totally lost it.

Knock Knock
"I never intended you to actually open a door. It was an imaginary situation used for comedic value."


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe - who's going to win the election and what do you think the balanace of the senate would be

Also - over/under the vote count for the candidate you expect to win the general election.

Also - FYI - Julie and I are eloping in December...


Sockless Joe said...


First of all, congrats!

As things stand today it's very likely Obama will win the election. A day or two before election day I will post my electoral map again to see how good my prognostication skills are.

I haven't even bothered adding up the senate seats, but there's a lot of noise in the 60/40 region, so that's probably not too far off.

A few states will hinge on what the stock market does in the next week. When we saw it fall off a cliff the last time any tightening that McCain had achieved vanished. When things sorta calmed down for a while you started to see fewer extreme polls. I think if the DJIA is up a thousand points McCain gets back to long shot mode. If it's down, it's going to be a landslide for Obama.