Monday, October 13, 2008

The Cold Civil War

A year after the term was first discovered by the blogosphere, Hyacinth Girl and Mark Steyn revisit the idea of a "cold civil war".

I think the term is a useful one, regardless of whether one believes we are in such a cold civil war or could be entering one. I happen to think that it's a bit heavily connotated for our current environment, but with certain left-leaning Philly columnists predicting a race and class war if Obama should lose, I think "cold civil war" is not as far off as one may think.

I was impressed with this idea a year ago, and this reminder has prompted me to put the Hyacinth Girl blog on my Recommended Reading list, at least on a trial basis.

"Trial basis" because I had to remove a previous linked blog a few weeks ago. Half Sigma was controversial, but usually interesting reading. He has since devolved into a pathetic parody of Andrew Sullivan's recent conspiracy theoretics.

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