Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Convention Speech

A few quick thoughts...

She killed. End of story. McCain will not give that good of a performance on Thursday.

Talk of somebody else writing her speech is... um, obvious. Every speech given by every politician at this level is written by somebody else.

Of course, a press corps that thought further into the future than the next ten seconds might notice that Obama's solitary political skill seems to be reading speeches off a teleprompter.

EDIT: She improvised over teleprompter malfunctions. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Gee, this article doesn't sound like it was written by a Democrat at all...


Also, I think Republicans should avoid the 'big government' lines, given that they seem to be bringing more powers and responsibilities to the federal government with every passing year.

Sockless Joe said...

There's little doubt in my mind that the AP writer extensively cut-and-pasted from an Obama press sheet.

Of course, it's all fundamentally true, which makes it fair game.

I tried taking notes of the distortions in Obama's speech alone and I literally lost track. Maybe I missed the AP fact check follow up on that one.

Smaller government has the virtue of being something that most republicans and probably a slim majority of all voters are actually for, and McCain has a record of work on that issue that goes back for some time. I think he's being naive thinking that he can veto anything and everything pork-laden, but I think he's honest in his conviction.