Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin as Diana

Princess Diana of Wales, that is.

It's often interesting to get a foreigner's take on the American scene even if one doesn't agree with every assessment. Right off the top, Ms. Platell seems to have forgotten the Iron Lady's involvement in two wars, the Falklands War and the 1990 Gulf War (where she advised GHW Bush not to "go wobbly").

But that's minor. Overall, it's an interesting read.

Is Palin the American version of Diana? I don't think so, but the comparison can't be dismissed out of hand.

There's a notable anti-Palin, anti-Republican bias, but the British press isn't as coy about those sorts of things either, and she does zing Obama a few times. She seems to have found the only unflattering picture of Palin known to mankind, and amplifies a distortion in the Gibson interview about the situation with Georgia and Russia. (The question was about membership in NATO, which by definition sort of implies mutual defense.)

"Her story is both epic and small time, heroic and ordinary, astonishing and familiar."

But the closing leaves me a little cold:
"For all the hype that has surrounded Barack Obama, the cruel fact may prove to be that more American voters can identify with the dreams of the white girl from the frontiers than the black man from the Washington beltway."

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