Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick in the eye of the beholder

On the merits of what he actually said, I'm inclined to give Obama a pass on the whole "lipstick on a pig" thing.

As a matter of political theater though, I've read too many pundits telling conservatives (in particular) that it doesn't matter what you mean to say, it's what people hear.

People are hearing a smear against Palin. If the shoe were on the other foot (say, if somebody said that you were the first clean and articulate black guy to run for President, or pointing out the obvious fact that if you were a white guy named Barry Smith you wouldn't have gotten 90% of the black vote in South Carolina), then it would be open season on the speaker.

Thus, whether this was an implicit jab at Palin or not, I have no sympathy for Obama in this instance.


Anonymous said...

Why does Palin keep saying "thanks but no thanks" given that she supported the bridge project, did take the money but cancelled the bridge and kept the money. The reduction of earmark spending before and after Palin was elected is also a little deceptive because between one cycle and the next the Republican control of congress switched and Young and Stevens lost their committee chairs...

Sockless Joe said...

She says it because it's a good line.

As far as keeping the money, that's the nature of earmarks and why Congresscritters defend them. they're not "adding" money to a budget line, they're making sure that the money gets spend how they want. Of course, departments factor in the existence of earmarks and request more money than they would need without earmarks. The problem is systemic. I'm not even sure she had the power to return the money.

Anonymous said...

But it's not true...

Yeah - stop laughing. Should honesty matter in politics (and this applies to both sides)?

Also - on a side question - how much do you think McCain will stick with the conservative right once he's in office - he's too old for two terms - do you think he'll be a genuine maverick - and if so why do you support him as a Conservative.

Also take a listen to

To hear John McCain saying the phrase about Clinton's Health Plan, Rove saying it about Kerry's Campaign, and Rangell Saying it about something or other...I suspect perhaps it was no jab at all.

Sockless Joe said...

As a conservative, how comfortable am I with McCain? Let's just say he was my fourth choice out of the field we started with, and I put McCain ahead of Huck and Ron Paul. But I feel a heck of a lot better about him than I do Obama, particularly an Obama with what might be a veto-proof Senate.

Will he continue to be a maverick? Yeah, and it will tick me off to no end, I'm sure.

Democrats like to point to the issues of the Iraq war, taxes (generally, though McCain voted against both tax cuts), and whatever else as evidence of his non-maverickiness. To which I would respond with Illegal Immigration, Campaign Finance, the "Gang of 12" judicial nomination compromise, carbon cap-and-trade (which is separate from whether one thinks global warming can/should be dealt with as a political issue), and probably a few more I can't think of right now.

The age issue? McCain's too stubborn to die in office! Seriously though, I'd take a wait and see approach to a possible second term, announcing no sooner than the 2010 mid-term election. Some on the right, notably the big guns at Nat'l Review, think McCain should pledge only one term.

Back to Lipstick-gate, I'm 99% convinced that it wasn't a reference to Palin. But in a world where we're not even allowed to use the word "niggardly" because it might mistakenly offend somebody, I can't have too much sympathy for a politician who has greatly benefited from the concept of perpetual aggrievement. Obama should have known that it would be taken that way, duh! How insensitive!

As an aside, I find it ironic that Palin can refer to herself as a pit bull w/ lipstick but it's not ok for somebody to call her a pig w/ lipstick. I guess we now know the relative esteem in which we hold pit bulls and pigs.

Sockless Joe said...

Back to the age thing... (dang you slipped that in pretty randomly)

The age thing brings back Palin's experience, which inevitably brings back Obama's experience, and all of a sudden Obama's off balance and off message. And we know how that plays out politically.