Monday, September 15, 2008

Kill It and Grill It

I'm paraphrasing The Nuge because a scientific study shows that vegetarians can experience brain shrinkage linked to B-12 deficiency.

Unfortunately, the study also showed that excessive alcohol shrinks your brain. But that one's no big surprise. Also, being obese was linked to brain loss.

I wonder if Michael Moore drinks Key-Light by the case with the five or six vegan pizzas it looks like he eats daily.

Seriously though, meat is delicious. Human brain evolution is a testament to a steady, nutrient-dense diet. And while you can over-do anything, if a food is delicious there's a good chance it has something your body wants.


Anonymous said...

Have we learned nothing from the "Peta Defining Your Rights" fiasco of Summer '08?


Sockless Joe said...

What's wrong with a little controversy? Nobody got hurt.

Except those delicious animals.

Anonymous said...

I might comb through the Easterbrook archives on ESPN, because he has a lot of very good points about both Democrats and Republicans (or sometimes just politics in general). This week he had a thing about American car companies requesting waivers for the MPG increase requirements while simultaneously requesting a $50 billion subsidy to meet those requirements.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second - evolution? What kind of conservative blog is this? What would Palin say?

As for meat - tasty and delicious...