Friday, September 26, 2008

A Government Subsidized Bubble

Yeah, what he says (H/T: Ace):

I'll grant there were one or two SEC rule changes in the last 8 years that didn't help, but the genesis of the current problem is not free markets run rampant, it's perverse incentives mandated and subsidized by the government. Obama and the other Dems are telling a real whopper when they disclaim any responsibility.

When the House Republicans finally succumb to the Paulson plan they should say something like this: The government has finally created a problem so massive that only more government intervention can fix it.


Anonymous said...

RE: the debate

this article on yahoo seems at least moderately balanced, as opposed to the last one I linked to in the comments section here that was headlined something like "Palin a complete liar and she kills kittens, too"


Sockless Joe said...

wait, she doesn't kill kittens? I'll have to re-think my support...