Friday, August 15, 2008

Take My Back Yard, Please!

"That Pelosi woman is nuts. We want her to allow drilling. They can drill in my back yard if they want to. I want plain coal, I want gas and oil everywhere we can find it."

Those are the words of an average citizen in Texas. Heck yeah. From your mouth to God's ear.

Rep. Hensarling gets a gold star this week for extra effort.

H/T - The Corner


Samay said...

Yeah, but you CAN drill in that dude's backyard. If there was oil there, i'm sure a drill would have showed up a long time ago.

What Pelosi isn't allowing is drilling in unstudied, government-owned offshore sites.

Sockless Joe said...

I mostly just thought it was a funny quote. The guy was quite animated in the video.

My impression was that some of the OCS had been studied, and that there was even a spot or two that had been in production previous to the ban.