Thursday, August 21, 2008

Romney Edging Palin at NRO poll

Romney is currently leading over Palin in the NRO poll 971 to 906. Nobody else is even close. I know Palin has sort of a cult following (myself included), but I'm surprised that Romney is so strong. It's almost like K-Lo is sitting at her desk pounding the Romney button between sips of coffee. (I kid. Sort of.)

NRO Poll

This isn't your average online poll - you need to go to the trouble of giving them a valid email address in order to minimize tampering. This will also have the effect of magnifying intensity since ya don't just go giving out your email address to every little web-app in the world.


benning said...

I still think Palin would be a wise choice for McCain. Her reputation is as a Republican ... wait for it! ... Maverick! He could do a lot worse. And probably will. :(

Samay said...

I'm pretty sure Palin's hooked into the whole Ted Stevens-VECO bribery thing. At the very least, I'm sure she got big contributions from VECO.
Dunno if that's what McCain'll go for.

Besides, he needs some more heavy southern cred. I'm thinking Lindsey Graham.

Oh, and god help him if he picks Lieberman.

Sockless Joe said...

I just heard about the potential VECO thing a few days ago from a local rabble-rouser, but I still haven't seen anything substantive regarding that. I see lots of reports about the firing of her ex-brother-in-law and that investigation. Something tells me she made a few too many enemies of Uncle Ted's friends. But I'm afraid even the whiff of scandal will probably keep McCain away.

Good Lord, not Graham! Graham would cause an outright revolt among republicans. I think you would see GOP registration go to something like low-20%'s in the matter of a month or so.

The chattering class is talking up Romney's chances, some Pawlenty. Anybody else would be a surprise to me. I don't think there's a southerner who fits the bill other than maybe Kay Hutchison. Huckabee would cause a ruckus almost as bad as Graham.

Sockless Joe said...

Poll Update:
Romney - 1985
Palin - 1463
John Kasich - 347 votes
Pawlenty - 265
"Other" - 260
Jindal - 237
Liebs - 114
Ridge - 44

Of course, Romney was the NR editorial pick for Prez, and now for VP.