Wednesday, August 06, 2008

PA Congressional Fundraising of the end of June. Minus a few real sleepers. Incumbents labeled with an asterisk.

I'll cut to the chase, the moral of the story is give money to Lou Barletta, and Hackett if you have some extra jingle.


Melissa Hart has over $600k in the bank but Altimre has two and a half times as much. I don't think she'll pull this one out, but it's not impossible.


Patrick Murphy has a lot of ammo to try to keep the seat Democrat. Gerlach should be able to bring this one home for us again.


Hackett is burning through his ample cash to knock off Carney and take this seat back for the Republicans and he may pull it off. Lou Barletta needs money in order to keep up his poll numbers. This is one we can pick up!

The Murtha-Russell race is much closer than one would imagine, particularly given all the problems that have plagued the Russell campaign from the very beginning. That race could be a sleeper-surprise, and I'd love to see some real polling there.


It's a shame Gilhooley has so little money. We've neglected that district way too long.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the media is destroying Edwards today, but only *after* he admitted to the affair, whereas Republicans seem to get slaughtered before they admit wrongdoing. On the plus side (towards unbiased media coverage), they don't seem to be giving him any excuses or pulling their punches.


Sockless Joe said...

The Edwards story has a lot of weirdness around it. I think the fact that a tabloid originally broke the story gave a lot of media orgs pause, and understandably so. But after a certain point when it was clear that the story might have legs there was still this blackout where you couldn't even mention, "hey, there's this story out there that people are talking up". Some think that all the attention raining down on Edwards now is a sort of over-reaction to the previous silence.

I am marginally curious to see if he fathered the kid, but I don't care enough to want to watch tv reporters fruitlessly speculate about the answer 24/7. For Pete's sake, it's not THAT important!

Sockless Joe said...

FYI, the NYT's "public editor"/ombudsman had this to say on the reporting around the Edwards matter:

Worth reading even if you don't believe all of it. I believe most of it.