Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is Biden the new Cheney?

Several others have already drawn the analogy that Biden is Obama's Cheney - the old guy with experience who is supposed to be the steady hand in times of crisis. Ultimately though, Obama is at the top of the ticket, and it is Obama whom we must assess.

Machiavelli - The Prince, XXII
The chosing of ministers is a matter of no little importance for a prince; and their worth depends on the sagacity of the prince himself. The first opinion that is formed of a ruler's intelligence is based on the quality of the men he has around him. When they are competent and loyal he can always be considered wise, because he has been able to recognize their competence and to keep them loyal. But when they are otherwise, the prince is always open to adverse criticism; because his first mistake has been in the choice of his ministers.

The Prince, XXIII
For this is an infallible rule: a prince who is not himself wise cannot be well advised...

...[G]ood advice, whomever it comes from, depends on the shrewdness of the prince who seeks it, and not the shrewdness of the prince on good advice.

It's an open question whether Biden will be good council to Obama. But ultimately it is Obama's wisdom that really counts.

It's probably a bad sign that I'm sick of Biden already. Is it November yet?

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