Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poor Headline Choice

I'm not going to give it the "misleading headline of the day" award, but I can't help but think the Politico could have come up with something better than this:

"Bush approves soldier's execution"

Yes, a convicted multiple murderer and multiple rapist. Who was sentenced to death in the 1980's. By unanimous agreement of his court-martial. It's not like he was strapping G.I. Joe to the chair.

The Politico also tries to inject some additional controversy:
"In the military justice system, a member of the Armed Forces cannot be executed until the President “approves” the death sentence. Thus, unlike the civilian context, where the President may be asked to exercise his clemency authority to stop an execution, in the military system, the President effectively orders the execution. This is an important distinction."

Really? An "important distinction"? At best I'd call that a distinction without a difference. Whether in a military or civilian context, some big-wig exercises his own discretion to decide whether a convict lives or dies...

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