Thursday, July 24, 2008


Kathleen Parker at NR sings the praises of the young Governor Jindal, then decides that he should wait a while before engaging the national electorate.

"Yeah, but can he juggle machetes?"

Jindal's experience easily surpasses Obama's in any number of respects. Congressman, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, President of the University of Louisiana System, and nascent Governor. The "anti-Obama", as Parker says.

I'm not so dismissive of the possibility. An anti-Obama is exactly what we need if we're going to pull this election out of the fire.

Sure, he has his negatives, but then again so does Obama. Witnessing an exorcism and writing about it is no more unseemly than what went on in Trinity UCC during Obama's membership there.

There's also renewed support for a Palin VP nomination. I am supportive of this effort as well, and I think in many ways she also compares favorably to Obama. Whichever VP McCain finally picks I anticipate contrasting the experience of the bottom of the GOP ticket with the top of the Donks'.

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John Rich said...

The only slam that the Dems might make against Jindal is that he is too young and inexperienced to be a heartbeat away from the top. Oh, wait, that’s right – Obama has sooo much more experience than Jindal…

I think that Bobby Jindal is exactly what the Republican ticket needs: a conservative who won’t scare the children. A conservative who is obviously brilliant, and who has actual executive experience. Which both McCain and Obama lack.

But wait, the liberals will screech (they invariably screech when faced with someone they can’t attack with the truth) — “this guy is an exorcist” followed by at least three exclamation marks.

Well, he’s not an exorcist. He witnessed one and wrote about it. Ooooohh. And here’s a newsflash: the rite of exorcism is not just Linda Blair’s head swiveling and projectile vomiting. It is a serious attempt to harness the power of God. If you don’t believe that with God all things are possible, that’s fine. Apparently Bobby Jindal does, but it's hardly disqualified him from making good decisions in the here and now.

Why is Bobby Jindal’s belief in the awesome power of the Lord worse than Barack Obama’s belief in the awesome power of a centralized bureaucracy to manage health care?

I’d pick God over some federal charlie foxtrot any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

McCain-Jindal: Most excellent choice.