Sunday, July 27, 2008

Giuliani over Ridge for VP

I'm hearing renewed speculation about Tom Ridge as McCain's Vice Presidential pick. This is a bad idea.

I'm certainly not the first to criticize the possibility of Ridge for VP, with perhaps the most notable criticism coming from National Review (On Dead Tree, sorry no link.) referring to Ridge as one of "McCain's Untouchables" (along with Lieberman, Crist, and Huckabee).

The biggest hangup would be Ridge's position on abortion. He has other negatives too, like not being particularly economically conservative, and being the first Secretary of Homeland Security - a monstrous bureaucracy that is hardly the model of efficiency (or perhaps even utility).

If we're going to have a Veep who is pro choice -which I would not be overly thrilled with- I say ditch Ridge and go for Giuliani. Giuliani can at least make the case that he was an effective executive who understands the economy and can placate economic conservatives on issues of taxation and spending. Giuliani has also undergone scrutiny from religious conservatives. No, clearly not all of them were on board, but he did earn their respect and bent over backwards to assure them on the matter of judicial nominations. Rudy also has national appeal, and I suspect more appeal among Pennsylvanians than their former Governor.

Giuliani isn't a perfect choice for Vice President, but he's better than Ridge. And in this political environment being a relative outperformer is worth quite a bit.

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