Thursday, June 12, 2008

PA-2 a pathetic situation

(via GrassrootsPA)

So the Republican candidate for PA-2 dropped out, claiming that the party didn't give him any support. The comments at GrassrootsPA suggest that he wasn't campaigning very hard , and of course that district is about 10% Republican anyway, but being snubbed for event invitations is just poor form.

It sort of reminded me of the time I, a county committee member, found out about a candidate appearance by reading it in the local paper. I would have gone had I just known about it.

It's pretty much at the point where the party officials in PA have given up on trying to win races and are more interested in hoarding the "glory" of getting their pictures taken with our (often losing) candidates.

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Samay said...

Huh, I figured it'd be more impressive to get a picture with a winning candidate.

Don't worry - a lot of GOP officials seem to be the kind of person who were attracted to power during the Reagan/Bush I years. They don't actually seem to care about conservative policies, just about being part of the elite. The same thing happened to the Dems in the 70s and 90s, and look what happened to them.

Don't worry, 2008 is a good year to shake those losers out.