Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nightmare - VP Huck

Not a proverbial nightmare, but a real one. I awoke anxious and disoriented at 4:30am today after having a dream - a nightmare - that Huckabee had been chosen to be McCain's Vice Presidential pick.

I've been conflicted about this possible choice for a long time. I've never been wild about McCain, but I'm ultimately presented with a choice - the relatively minor damage that McCain could inflict on our nation, or the massive and irreversible great leap forward into American socialism coupled with embarrassing defeats in Iraq and elsewhere in the GWOT that Barack Obama could administer with a pliant Democratic Congress.

The Veep pick doesn't change the structure of this choice. I will probably still feel compelled to hold my nose and vote for McCain even if he again pokes conservatives in the eye with an insulting VP pick like Huckabee.

What I think I can commit to, however, is to go the Pat Buchanan route. Buchanan describes himself as an independent conservative who votes Republican. I think I would have to change my party to "unaffiliated", and I would have to resign as a member of my county's Republican committee.

McCain, as our Presidential nominee, is the leader of our party. The VP gets preferential treatment in future Presidential nominations. Huckabee in particular, and McCain also, have disparaged economic conservatives in harsh terms usually used as a Democratic bludgeon of classism. I don't think I could be part of a party that so openly insults my beliefs.

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Ted said...

Yes, Huck would be a "nighmare pick" -- as opposed to who would be McCain's "DREAM" pick, Alaska Gov Sarah Palin.