Monday, June 02, 2008

HRC's Campaign Similar to Iraq

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign shares many narrative elements with the execution of the Iraq war. There is, however, a key difference.

It was supposed to be a cake walk. What we offered the population was light years better than the status quo. We should have been welcomed with open arms. And for a few moments it seemed like we might have been. Our strong initial efforts should have overwhelmed any opposition, and we shouldn't have had the need to plan much past the opening salvo.

But that's not what happened. Much of the population was more interested in following the opposition. The enemy captured key regions and social groups. Things were not looking good.

And then we re-tooled our efforts, deploying additional resources. Our efforts, and the arrogant over-reaching of our enemy, has brought many people back to our side. There remains much work to be done, but the momentum is going in our direction.

The difference? Hillary's time has run out. There was a hard deadline. The exact sort of deadline the Democrats have wanted to impose on our efforts in Iraq, and with much more at stake than which socialist candidate to run for President.

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