Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How desperate is NBC to fill Russert's slot?

The list of bench-warmers at NBC News is thin. So thin that one US News columnist thinks they should hand off Meet the Press to Tim's son Luke. (H/T HotAir)

The sad thing is that it almost sounds plausible given the rest of the choices. Matthews and Olberman are not going to be taken seriously as impartial journalists. Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory at least have jobs that give some facade of objectivity, though neither seems to realize it. Brian Williams could be replaced by a robot, in my opinion. Chuck Todd is a weenie. Brokaw has the gravitas, but I don't think he's looking for a full time job at this stage of his life.

Sticking within the NBC family I can rationalize giving it to David Gregory on a semi-permanent basis even though I have some serious beef with DG. Ideally, I'd like to see Brokaw take over as a long term temporary host while they recruit somebody else.

Going outside NBC, the best name I've seen is Gwen Ifill. (Actually, Ifill has been an NBC reporter before, and frequent guest on MTP, but she's still best known for PBS's Washington Week.) Katie Couric is a no go. (Have they seen her ratings? Or watched any of her interviews?)

If I turn on my TV Sunday and see somebody other than Brokaw or Ifill I am going to be disappointed. If it's not either of those two I think MTP may be destined for the dustbin of history. If the only option is screwing it up, they should just cancel it as a tribute to Tim Russert.

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Giacomo said...

The big problem is finding someone not without any standard liberal media slant, but willing to ask of liberals the questions conservatives raise, and ask of conservatives the questions liberals raise. Russert was willing to make both sides uncomfortable with his questioning. I can't think of another media figure willing to do that.