Sunday, June 22, 2008

Graham unprepared for MTP

Brian Williams did an admirable job on Meet the Press. He admittedly cribbed off the prep work left by the late Tim Russert, but it was still better than I had anticipated. At the end of the broadcast, Williams announced that Tom Brokaw will be the long term substitute through the November election. Great idea. Glad I thought of it. ("Ideally, I'd like to see Brokaw take over as a long term temporary host while they recruit somebody else.")

Williams was very hard on Obama’s reneging on his campaign finance pledge, and got Biden to admit that Barack Obama is just a politician. Heresy!

The second major topic was energy - an issue on which Republicans have the best chance of mitigating the coming November slaughter. But like McCain and so many of his surrogates, Senator Graham was unprepared on economic issues. Graham was unable to make the case that opening up offshore resources helps now even if the oil isn’t brought to market for several years. Biden brought that issue up several times and it would have been nice if Grahamnesty had been able to refute it at least once.

Biden alleged that currently leased offshore areas are unutilized and that opening up more area is unnecessary. Graham had no response. Perhaps the McCain camp mistakenly thinks they can skate through on this issue without any effort. I suspect that Biden has something very wrong (this is the first I’ve heard this particular formulation), but the McCain camp needs a response to this. Do the leases expire too soon for meaningful exploration? Did Biden overstate the proven reserves? Probably, but the public wasn’t given this information. And of course, Graham let slide the dig at greedy oil companies who aren’t drilling so they can keep the price up, I suspect probably because he believes it too.

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